"If you cannot face directly your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality."

-White Tigress Manual

What Is This Site?

If you’ve just stumbled upon this site, you’re probably seeking help with your sex life in one way or another. You’ve tried searching around the web, and found few (if any) organized collections of information regarding the alternative sexual healing therapies many practitioners have to offer. So I’ve created this site not as a final destination, but a starting point to your quest.

Variety of Practices

Sex can be a wonderful reason to keep going when everything else seems bleak. It can be a way of connecting with someone we love, of giving our bodies attention, of relaxing, even of mild exercise. It’s good for fatigue and excellent for pain relief. And there really is no disability that makes sex impossible, if we define sex not as intercourse, but as physical contact for the purpose of sharing intimacy and pleasure.

Variety of Practicioners

Tantrika. Dakini. White Tigress. CTE. These are just a few of the titles you may find along your journey. Here you can learn a little bit more about each, along with some definitions for the words and phrases you may encounter on their sites and during your visits.